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We Be Jammin’

I grew up near Seattle, Washington.  There are miles of strawberry fields that grow amazing strawberries.  During the summer, many high school kids pick strawberries as a summer job.  I remember going a few times.  It was extremely hard, long and hot out in those fields.  But, I still love strawberries!


It was Easter Eve and we are all set for the next day’s festivities.  I took an unusual long late nap and not ready to call it a day.  I checked to see if I had some pectin, and I did!  I asked one of my children to help me and we whipped up a small batch in no time. 

Here is the brand of pectin I had on hand. I like it but it isn’t my favorite. We are jammin' tonight!

First, I washed and trimmed the strawberries, while my daughter poured the pectin and sugar into a bowl. 

Next, I placed the strawberries in a food processor.  You don’t want to puree but leave them in chunks.   I just pulsed it to the consistency I wanted. 

Then, I poured four cups of the chopped strawberries into the pectin/sugar mixture.  My daughter stirred it together for 3 minutes.

Finally, we pour the mixture into the jars.  Waited 30 minutes and put them into the freezer or fridge.  That’s it!  We will be enjoying fresh strawberry jam on our bread tomorrow with our breakfast casserole. 

I hope you all enjoy Easter as much as we did.

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