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Grab My Winter Garden Planting Guide to Maximize the Garden and BABY NEWS!

I am dying to give you my 2017 Winter Garden Guide but before I do that I have some BIG NEWS on the farm!

We don’t have that many babies on the farm so each one is exciting.  Two weeks ago, we come home from Mexico and find an adorable Nigerian Dwarf buck with my beautiful does. 

He stole all of our hearts…and many hours of my sleep.  Mama goat wasn’t making colostrum for him and we were up to all hours of the night trying to find some so late in the evening.  Luckily, I had some cow colostrum in the freezer from our last calf.  Miss Honey, our brown eye Jersey cow, saved the day!

He is now two weeks old and handling the EXTREME HEAT well, even though I have been having a hard time appreciating Arizona with these record breaking temperatures.

When it’s 120 degrees outside, who wants to be outside working the farm?  I know I sure don’t!  I did what was required to keep the animals happy and then went back inside where it is safe and cool. 

As I looked at my garden that was burning up before my eyes, I was dreaming of cooler days of the fall.  it wasn’t long after that I realized I need to get busy planning my winter garden.  That is the fun one.  The one that grows pretty much by itself, well, compared to the summer gardens here. 

The fall gardens are so easy!  But, there is prep work to be done to insure it will be a successful garden.

I have put together my 2017 Winter Garden Guide.  Keep in mind I placed my family favorites and the ones that do better in Arizona.  This guide doesn’t include everything you could grow, just the Blue Ribbon Farm favorites, but it does include most varieties available.  I just wanted it on one page for easy viewing for me.

This guide is only a winter garden guide.  The planting takes place starting August 15 through February.  There is a lot of work to be done before August 15.  I am going to take the next couple weeks preparing the soil and then allow it to rest for a few weeks to be ready to plant August 15.  You can prepare you garden step-by-step with me.  Let’s motivate each other to grow many of our vegetables together. 

Who wants to join the planting party on August 15?  I hope you will join me because it is always way more fun to plant with friends! You can join me on Facebook at Blue Ribbon Farms. 

Grab your free Phoenix Winter Vegetable Planting Guide.

With love,

Mrs. Porter